BSC 4000 is a contact adhesive based on special polymers.

BSC 4000 is used for bonding rubber to rubber, textile to rubber, textile to textile, and rubber to metal.


black homogeneous solution

Dynamic viscosity ( 20), mPas

1750 – 2150

Specific gravity (ISO 2811, 20℃), g/cm3


Total solids (ISO 3251), %

min. 14,5

Flash point (ISO 3679),℃

non flammable


by brush


250 – 350


tin cans: 1 kg, 6 kg

Storage conditions

in original package, in a dark place, at
temperature from 5 ℃ to 25 ℃.

Storage life

4 years

The surfaces on which adhesive is applied must be prepared in advance. Rubber is sanded with a steel brush until reaching the fabric. INTERSOL NF is used for cleaning sanded areas from dust, as well as corrosion from metal. The adhesive is prepared for use by adding 5% of HARDENER HT (50g) to BSC 4000 and mixing well. Thus prepared adhesive must be used within 4 hours. It is necessary to apply two coats of prepared adhesive on rubber and textile. The first coat must be well dried. The drying time for the first coat is 30 minutes, and 10 to 20 minutes for the second coat. If the second coat is overdried, it is necessary to apply another coat.  The total time required for applying, drying, and joining the composition and the pressure process on the conveyor belt is 60 minutes. The time for putting the conveyor belt into operation under full load is a maximum of 3 hours. During this time, the adhesion of the bonded joint reaches 50% of the final adhesion. The warranty period for the bonded joint is 18 months. The adhesive can be used if the temperature of the conveyor belt ranges from +5 to +50. During application, the temperature of the air can range from -30 to +50. The bonded joint is resistant to elevated temperatures and is suitable for work in extreme summer and winter conditions. When bonding rubber to metal, the adhesive is applied in two coats over the primer for metal, both on metal and on rubber. The first coat is dried for 30 minutes, and the second coat from 10 to 15 minutes. Bond the surfaces and press them firmly with a press or rollers.