CR 2000 is a contact adhesive based on special polymers.

The adhesive CR 2000 is intended for the automotive industry for bonding the floor, car roof, and fenders of a car. A sponge, microporous rubber, or some other material is bonded to a metal surface.


black homogeneous solution

Viscosity (ISO 2431, ⌀4, 20℃), s

90 ± 10

Specific gravity  (ISO 2811, 20℃), g/cm3


Total solids (ISO 3251), %

min. 16

Flash point (ISO 3679),℃

> 0



Consumption, g/m2

200 – 250


tin cans: 800 g,  5 kg

Storage conditions

in original packaging, in a dark place, at temperature from 5℃ to 25℃.

Storage life

1 year


The adhesive is applied on both surfaces to be bonded. Application is done by spraying. The drying time of the adhesive is 10 to 20 minutes. It is necessary to apply two coats on porous materials. INTERSOL NF is used as a cleaning agent for car roof before the application of adhesive. We recommend the application of two coats to both surfaces for bonding the car roof to the sponge. Drying time depends on temperature and it needs to be adjusted to working conditions. Forced drying with industrial fans can also be used in order to shorten drying time. After drying, surfaces to be bonded are joined using the pressure necessary for the surfaces to touch. The bonded joint is resistant to water, oils, and elevated temperatures. The joint can withstand temperatures up to 110.