INTERSTIK CRT 11 is a contact adhesive made based on special polymers.

INTERSTIK CRT 11 is used for bonding hypalon-neoprene materials used in the production of boats and bellows for articulated buses and wagons. 


transparent solution of yellow color

Viscosity(ISO 2431, ⌀8, 20℃), s

40 ± 5

Specific gravity (ISO 2811, 20℃), g/cm3


Total solids (ISO 3251), %

min. 17

Flash point(ISO 3679),℃

< 0


by brush

Consumption, g/m2

ranging from 200 – 400


plastic canister: 25kg

Storage conditions

in original packaging, in a dark place, at temperature from 5℃ to 25℃.

Storage life

2 years

Surfaces to be bonded are first prepared using INTERSOL NF. It is best to use cotton fabric soaked in Intersol NF for preparation, then clean the material until it loses its shine. The two-component adhesive INTERSTIK CRT 11 is applied to the prepared surfaces. Just before application, HARDENER HTF is added to the adhesive in an amount of 5% relative to the adhesive. The prepared adhesive is usable for 4 hours. The adhesive is applied with a brush in two layers. The drying time for the first layer is 30 minutes, and for the second layer, it is 10 to 20 minutes. The bonded surfaces are firmly pressed with a roller or suitable tool.