INTERSOL NF is an organic product made on the basis of non-flammable solvents.

INTERSOL NF is used for cleaning rubber, textile and metal surfaces after sanding, before using adhesives BSC 2000, BSC 2002, BSC 3000, BSC 4000, BSC 5000, BSC 6000 and PRIMER SC, as well as for cleaning and washing car instrument panel and car roof before application the adhesives CR 2000 and PU 3000. It is also used as a cleaning agent before application the adhesives PU 1000,CR 1000 and PU 2000 for bonding pvc or rubber. It can also be used for washing brushes used for the application.

Apperance pale-yelow liquid
Specific gravity (ISO 2811, 20℃), g/cm3  1,4
Flash point (ISO 3679), ℃  non-flammable


tin cans: 1 kg, 6 kg

Storage conditions

in original packaging at temperatures up to 25℃.

Storage life

4 years

Cleaning rubber, metal, and textile surfaces after sanding is done by using a suitable textile material soaked in INTERSOL NF. Brushes are washed every time immediately after applying the adhesive has been finished.