CR 4000 is a universal contact adhesive based on special polymers.

Application : The adhesive CR 4000 is intended for bonding the wood, the plastic,
the synthetic materials, the rubber, the cork, the leather, the felt, the hard PVC and the
metal.It is not intended for bonding the soft PVC, the polyethylene, polypropylene and
the silicone rubber.


dark yellow homogeneous solution

Viscosity (ISO 2431, ⌀8, 20℃), s

40 ± 5

Specific gravity  (ISO 2811, 20℃), g/cm3


Total solids (ISO 3251), %

min. 23

Flash point (ISO 3679),℃

> 0


by brush

Consumption, g/m2

250 – 400


tin cans: 200g, 700 g,  4 kg

Storage conditions

in original packaging, in a dark place, at temperature from 5℃ to 25℃.

Storage life

2 years

The adhesive is applied to both surfaces to be bonded. Application is done by brush. Drying time for the adhesive is 5 – 15 min.It is necessary to apply two coats on porous materials.The drying time depends on the temperature and it is necessary to adapt it to the working conditions. After drying,the parts are joined using the pressure required to touch the surfaces to be bonded. The adhesive is elastic and resistant to water,oil and elevated temperatures.It can withstand temperatures up to 110℃.