Hardener HTF is a solution of polyisocyanates. It is used as a crosslinking agent for adhesives.

Hardener HTF  is used to improve the temperature resistance and the speed of chemical reaction.

Appearance light brown transparent liquid
Specific gravity (ASTM D 1297,20 ℃), g / cm3 1.0
Flash point (ISO 3679), -4
Boiling point 77 ℃
Package Glass bottles: 40 g and 50 g;
In original well-closed packaging in a dry and dark place at a temperature from 5℃ to 25℃. 
 Storage life 4 years

Hardener HTF is added in the amount of 5%.  After adding Hardener HTF, it is necessary to homogenize the adhesive:

– by mixing with a glass stick in a container with adhesive or

– by shaking the sealed container with adhesive.

After adding Hardener HTF, the adhesive is good to use for 4 hours.